PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Yamaha Wakeboard Tower

The name “Yamaha” screams quality and has been passed down over the ages for having a distinguished selection of products. At New Dimension Towers, we recognize riders wish to heighten their rides using competent products. With a cultured inventory of world-class products, we are able to guarantee something special to all of our clients. The Yamaha Wakeboard Tower fits in line with this standard we’ve established and it’s an awe-inspiring addition. Getting one’s hands on this will exemplify what it means to use quality for a boat. Put this on and watch with joy as riding becomes even better.

Key Features Include:

Modern Design

Exact-Fit Specs

It’s the modernized design that is alluring at first. We knew the eye is going to look at the curves, notches, and engravings before anything else and that’s where we’ve spent time crafting quality. With the assistance of premium equipment and refined techniques, our team has created a gorgeous wakeboard tower. This wakeboard tower is going to sparkle in the water and make the boat stand out. It will exude confidence from every angle.

New Dimension Towers has spent time looking at various products and doing its homework on what works. We realize riders want to use an exact-fit product made for their requirements. With a world-class boat, riders want a world-class wakeboard tower, which is what we have dedicated time to offer. The inventory is rife with unique offerings and this is among them.

If the Yamaha Wakeboard Tower tickles your fancy and is the match you’ve been looking for then all it takes is a call to (865)-995-1000. The call will go through and the tailor-made wakeboard tower will be on its way. Our team will take its time to offer a seamless product and will analyze your listed requirements before putting it together.