Jan, 25, 2020

We Have What You Need When Searching For Centurion WakeBoard Towers In Texas

  We Have What You Need When Searching For Centurion WakeBoard Towers In TexasIf you own a boat that you use for wakeboarding, you already know how critical it is to have a sturdy tower. On the other hand, if you're new to wakeboards, you will need to invest in a tower when you first purchase a wakeboarding boat. If you're looking for one of the best towers on the market, a Centurion Wakeboard Tower in Texas might be the perfect solution. A team of engineers has designed the Centurion Wakeboard Tower to offer an 'exact fit' to your boat. This bespoke option is perfect for boat owners that want a seamless tower design for wakeboarding. The design is built for solid mounting, and owners have the opportunity to add wakeboard rack forks to improve performance. The aluminum design of the tower means that it remains incredibly lightweight --it won't impact the overall performance of your boat. Additionally, the tower has been designed and manufactured in the United States. Unlike other wakeboard towers, which source their products from overseas, the Centurion Wakeboard Tower is locally built. On top of this, the Centurio¬† Wakeboard Tower is resistant to corrosion, which helps increase its longevity in the water. If you're looking for a tower that's durable and built to last, this is one of the industry's best options. You can even add powder-coated colors to this tower. So, if you're looking for a Centurion Wakeboard Tower in Texas, our team at New Dimension Towers can help you select the perfect option. In addition to Centurion towers, we also stock a range of different brands and build custom tower solutions for our customers throughout the state. If you want to purchase a Centurion Wakeboard Tower, or you need to speak to our team about our custom solutions, get in touch with us at (865) 995-1000.