Jan, 25, 2020

Wakeboard Tower Racks in Florida

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  Wakeboard Tower Racks in Florida As wakeboarding is gaining in popularity, so are wakeboard accessories that help you perfect your new hobby. Of course, the first step to becoming a prominent wakeboarder is the acquisition of a wakeboarding boat. A few years ago, many boarders' hopes would be stymied when they realized that they would have to buy an overpriced wakeboard tower made by the manufacturer of their specific boat, as there weren't many universal towers out there that would fit just any boat. New Dimension Towers worked to change that, and now offers many different types of universal wake towers. If you've been looking for wakeboard tower racks in Florida, we have everything you need.

Of course, we also manufacture racks made for specific boats, so if you have a Bayliner, for example, we have a tower to fit your boat. However, many of our different racks are universal, and can fit nearly any wakeboard boat you have. Always made of the top materials, such as aluminum tubing, our racks are lightweight, exact fit, and are guaranteed to work well on your boat.

One of the reasons towers are so popular is they give you the opportunity to perform more tricks. Just the right height lets you wakeboard with flourish, which is part of why adding a tower really revolutionizes the sport for each individual wakeboarder and boat. Not only are towers good for tricks, you can also use them for wakeboard storage when your boat is not in use, eliminating clutter on your boat floor.

To hear more about wakeboard tower racks in Florida or any other area, please call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or drop us an email at info@newdimensiontowers.com.

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