Jan, 25, 2020

Wakeboard Biminis in California

Wakeboard Biminis in California

As summertime is already here, many are taking to the shores with their boats for some summer fun. While some opt for surfing or waterskiing, others are becoming more interested in the sport of wakeboarding. As more and more equipment becomes affordable and easier to buy, those who love water sports are able to try it out. Several years ago, it was tough to buy wakeboarding equipment because it had to match your particular make of boat. If you didn't have the right boat, unfortunately you were out of luck. Now, universal parts and towers fit any type of boat, and everyone can enjoy wakeboarding. If you've been looking for a bimini for your tower and have been looking for wakeboard biminis in California, look no further than New Dimension Towers.

Part of what a bimini does is to help keep the sun off of your boat – and you. Being out on the water in the blazing sun for several hours can be exceedingly tough. Even if you're wearing sunblock, the sun can be grueling. Use bimins as adequate covers for both you and your guests, and your boat. Our bimins come in myriad color choices, so you're able to customize the look and feel, matching the aesthetics of your boat.

Lightweight and easy to install, our biminis also are easily foldable, so you can take them off and stow them when you need to. They also help protect you from the elements, and are sun, wind, and rain resistant.

To learn more about wakeboard biminis in California, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 to hear about our different options, or email us at info@newdimensiontowers.com.