PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Wakeboard Biminis

Wakeboard Biminis can be aesthetically pleasing, compact, and offer a distinctive option for boat owners to consider. New Dimension Towers has spent years analyzing its collection of materials, designs, and build options before determining the ideal product. We wish to provide a high-performance product that is resilient, easy to use, and continues to maximize one’s time on their boat.

Our wakeboard Biminis offer:

* Sunbrella Fabrics

* Wide Array of Colors

* Strong Build quality

* Lightweight

* Durable

Since the weather can play a substantial role in how this product lasts, we have meticulously honed in on the right materials. Every inch of our selection is weather resistant and can take a beating without breaking down. Our team has repeatedly tested the product to ensure it doesn’t give in when the sun is out or the rain is pouring down. The core premise of this product is to offer security from weather-related elements and that’s what it does best. Our customers deserve the best and we strive for this outcome every single time!

Don’t trust the type of materials used in this industry?

Our Sunbrella fabric is world-class and one-of-a-kind for those who are selective and want real quality. These are filtered fabrics that are hand-selected and can stand the test of time when used on one’s boat. Other solutions are not able to keep up nor are they going to look as gorgeous as our range of products. Riders will notice this as soon as the solution is put in place.

If the goal is to put together the ultimate Bimini as soon as possible, our selection of products cannot be beaten. We have spent years working on these designs and recognize the ins and outs of what’s necessary.

To pick out from our collection of wakeboard Biminis, please speak with one of our world-class representatives to get a better look. At New Dimension Towers, we want to offer products that are breathtakingly beautiful and perform well. Call us at 865-995-1000 to get started!