Jan, 29, 2020

Wakeboard Accessories in Florida that Let You Truly Enjoy the Sport

  Wakeboard Accessories in Florida that Let You Truly Enjoy the SportAre you looking for an outlet for the best wakeboard accessories in Florida? New Dimension Towers is ready to help you find top-tier accessories that maximize your enjoyment of the sport. Whether you need a wakeboard tower, biminis, or custom towers for your boat, we can accommodate you and get you back out in the water fast. Wakeboarding is becoming one of the most popular water sports in the United States today, partially because it's incredibly accessible compared to previous years. Nowadays, we can give you everything you need at unbeatable prices. If you already have a boat and a wakeboard tower, we can provide you with even more accessories to enhance your experience. You can find a huge variety of accessories for your wakeboarding needs, including:

  • Tower lights that let you safely go wakeboarding after hours, and add some practical appeal to your wakeboarding tower, too
  • Storage solutions for your wakeboards, including different sizes of racks that store either one or multiple sets of boards. We also carry different styles that you to choose from that can match your boat, your boards, and your sensibilities. Most racks are constructed from a durable aluminum billet so that they can stand up to the elements admirably.
  • NDT biminis made with Sunbrella fabric and easy-release brackets for maximum portability while still being able to handle regular exposure to all types of weather.
When you need wakeboard accessories in Florida to enhance your enjoyment of the sport, New Dimension Towers has the solutions you need. For more information about our wakeboarding products, including custom-built towers, give us a call today at (865) 995-1000 or give us an email at info@newdimensiontowers.com.