PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Universal Towers

At New Dimension Towers, our goal is to offer customized, high-end wakeboard towers in line with up-to-the-minute standards. These universal towers are tested, certified, and offer an abundance of top-tier features for maximum efficiency.

We offer a wide range of solutions and recognize the importance of dependability. The recreational boat market is ripe with unique options but these wakeboard towers offer the ultimate balance between customization and aesthetics.

Key features include:

* Fully Adjustable Tower

* Weld-In Crossmembers

* Curved Deck Mounts Fit Ski Boats, Bow Riders, and Sport Runabouts

* Pre-Formed Mounting Plates

* Downloadable Angle and Radius Finder

* Custom Engraved Billet Plates

Our team promises perfection, quality, and attention to detail with all of its products. This includes understanding the necessity of exact fit OEM towers and universal fits. The ideal option is a harmony between both designs and that’s what we bring to the table. We have years of expertise and continue to hone our designs to afford all-out proficiency in each relevant metric.

What makes us extraordinary?

We customize all towers inside the US offering a local solution with surefire results. Robust quality control processes are initiated to test for reliability, durability, and overall performance before release. This ensures clients receive a high-quality product built around their core needs.

All design modifications provided by our team are used to eradicate inefficiencies seen in other wakeboard towers. We wish to pursue the highest standard of excellence and put in the time to analyze each feature before completion.

To learn more about our universal towers, please call in and speak with a New Dimension Towers representative at 865-995-1000. This is your opportunity to find a perfect solution built around modern standards of quality.