Feb, 23, 2020

Universal Hybrid Wakeboard Tower in Washington

Universal Hybrid Wakeboard Tower in Washington As wakeboarding is soon gaining popularity all over the country, so are different types of wakeboards and wakeboard towers. Initially, one of the first problems with wakeboard towers was that they would only fit certain boats. For example, if you had a MasterCraft wakeboarding boat, then only a MastgerCraft wakeboard tower would work. Problem is, most folks discovered this after they'd already invested in a boat. That's why, at New Dimension Towers, we began to build other options so that everyone could enjoy wakeboarding. For those looking for a universal hybrid wakeboard tower in Washington, we have just what you need to enjoy the summer. Universal, of course, implies that this particular wakeboard tower will fit any boat – and with rare exception, it does. This type of tower is adjustable from side to side, getting past some of the design flaws that have caused so many wakeboard towers to not be universal. When it comes to the deck mounts, there are many pre-formed and pre-made options to make sure that it fits exactly to your boat. What is different about the hybrid is that it is a cross between a completely universal tower (which is customized to fit your needs at every turn), and a regular, non-universal OEM tower. Here at New Dimension, we've tried our best to fit in the best designs and features of both into one tower. To learn more about our universal hybrid wakeboard tower in Washington, or to hear about some of out other designs, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or email us at info@newdimensiontowers.com to get more information about wakeboarding, towers, and more.