PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Tige Wakeboard Tower

It’s the delicate touches and intricate curves that make the eye look twice. At New Dimension Towers, we have always promised a dedicated solution that serves a rider’s needs and looks beautiful. The Tige Wakeboard Tower is a match made in heaven with its exquisite perfection and gorgeous presence. Our team has put effort into constructing a world-class product with its American nuances and refined precision. This wakeboard tower is immaculate, beautiful, and downright amazing when put to the test. It passes all tests and has a place of its own in our inventory of wakeboard towers.

Key Features Include:

Compact Build

Fast Installation


If durability is a concern, this wakeboard tower puts an end to it all. Our team has served years understanding how wakeboard towers handle conditions and what materials can be used to optimize their surfaces. This is where our research has led to the use of anodized aluminum. With premium equipment and dedicated specialists, we can assure riders our wakeboard towers are built tough. These are going to handle everything and make it look like a walk in the park.

Installations remain a critical component for our team as we wish for riders to head towards their boat with pride rather than disdain. It starts with the ease of use and that’s what a quality wakeboard tower has to deliver. With refined engineering mechanisms, we are able to deliver world-class installation options. This is a wakeboard tower designed for ease of use and riders will adore it.

The Tige Wakeboard Tower awaits those who are destined to ride with it and all it takes is a phone call to (865)-995-1000. The product will be handpicked, customized, and built for the long haul once your call comes in. Get this compact, high-end wakeboard tower and add it to your collection of accessories.