PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Sugar Sand Wakeboard Tower

While sitting down as a team, New Dimension Towers was ready to take a look at everything to ensure our next wakeboard tower was exceptional. We wanted to design something incredible, robust, and exciting to use. This is when we decided, it was time to put together the Sugar Sand Wakeboard Tower. It was a mesmerizing option filled with immaculate features built for passionate riders. We didn’t want to miss out on crucial details and that’s when we came up with a plan to design this lovely addition to the inventory. It’s a power packed wakeboard tower and one for the ages when it comes to performance. Riders will adore it and this is one we have fallen in love with too.

Key Features Include


Easy to Install

Made in the USA

All of our designs are created in the USA because we are proud of our nation and its professionals. We want to cater to the needs of riders in and around the region by building in-house. This wakeboard tower was built with hard work, dedication, and a bit of exuberance! Our team spent day and night pouring through research and accumulating data to find the perfect wakeboard tower. This is when we came up with a product that is now ready to be used around the world. This is one wakeboard tower that will make anyone blush in joy!

Not only have we spent on creating a high-quality wakeboard tower, we’ve made sure it’s rust-resistant too!

The Sugar Sand Wakeboard Tower is ready to be taken home for a spin and it starts with a call to our team at (865)-995-1000. We will hook you up with a high-quality wakeboard tower at an affordable rate. This is our promise to all riders who want to have the best by their side.