PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Stingray Wakeboard Tower

New Dimension Towers has become the beacon of hope among wakeboard tower companies because of its willingness to push new heights and avoid setting ceilings on its potential. The wakeboard towers are world-class and made from premium materials to leave riders delighted. We recognize what riders are after when they hit the water and that’s where our beloved Stingray Wakeboard Tower comes to the forefront. We have conducted numerous experiments in understanding what makes great wakeboard towers and this is the result of the work we’ve put in as a unit. We have empowered our team to push forward and this wakeboard tower is the beginning of something special.

Key Features Include:

Exact-Fit Specifications

Weather-Resistant Properties

Don’t enjoy the idea of heading into the water without a protected wakeboard tower? Our team knows riders hate putting their wakeboard tower in front of bad weather but that’s hard to control. To avoid this, we have created a premium option that is made from the best materials on hand. We don’t settle for inferior materials when it comes to putting together a great wakeboard tower. Riders will know they are getting a great option with what we have developed. The materials are not only world-class, they are put together immaculately by a team of certified engineers. New Dimension Towers is all about winning hearts and making sure weather doesn’t get in the way of a good experience while boating.

To get one’s hands on a great wakeboard tower such as this one, it is time to call in and speak to a qualified specialist at (865)-995-1000. Riders will be able to pick up their Stingray Wakeboard Tower and enjoy the value it brings. This is among the finest wakeboard towers to hit the market in a long while and it is available through our inventory.