PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Starcraft Wakeboard Tower

The polished elegance of a world-class wakeboard tower is what sets New Dimension Towers apart from its competitors. We have crafted a team of specialists with seasoned experience in recognizing the nuances of wakeboard towers that make riders content. The Starcraft Wakeboard Tower is one of our prized offerings designed with an eye for the future. Our commitment remains to defining the excellence of this product and why it remains a superior option for those accessorizing their boat.

Key Features Include:

Aluminum Build

Designed for All Boats

Fast Installation

Being able to choose a powerhouse option such as this is a dream come true for riders spending time in the water. We are boat lovers and built a product that’s ideal for the purpose it’s designed for. We have never settled for less nor do we prescribe by such a notion. At New Dimension Towers, we want to set no boundaries and wish to innovate from day one. This is why our wakeboard towers are deemed as being the best.

Why is this a convenient option and the one most are mesmerized by?

We have taken the opportunity to design a product that’s built for ultimate usability. This includes offering a product that takes seconds to install and begins to showcase its value for a rider’s boat. Our team has dedicated time to usability metrics ensuring riders feel content with what they’re using. These metrics include ease of use, installation timings, and the ability to resist various weather conditions.

To pick up a Starcraft Wakeboard Tower from New Dimension Towers, riders are welcome to send in their custom order to (865)-995-1000. We will take the custom order and begin to build the wakeboard tower. This is going to be an exact-fit tower packed with quality features worth a rider’s time.