Jan, 25, 2020

Should You Buy Universal Towers In Florida Or An OEM Tower?

hould You Buy Universal Towers In Florida Or An OEM Tower?If you are searching for the perfect wakeboard tower for your boat, there is a little research you should complete first to ensure you get what you want and what you need without overextending your budget. Let’s look at the OEM and universal towers in Florida. A wakeboard tower offers water enthusiasts the opportunity to remain airborne longer without being dragged down by the rope. The tow point is elevated, and the boat has more space in the interior. If you are purchasing a new boat, you will have the option for an OEM or original equipment manufacturer tower. You may be able to have a tower specifically created just for your specific make and model boat. An aftermarket tower can also be custom-made, or it can be universal. Custom towers can be developed to match the color of your boat and tailored to your hull. However, they are costly and take time to build. Universal towers are less expensive and available immediately. It is important to make sure a universal tower will properly mount to your boat with strong welds and heavy, quality tubing. You must also choose between a collapsible and fixed tower. A fixed tower costs less but you may have to cover your boat after each use unless you have a tall enough space in which to store it. Collapsible towers are highly convenient but are a little costlier. You will definitely need some accessories for your tower. In addition to pulling a rider, you can add speakers, a bimini, lights and board racks to customize it for the look you want and function you need. Contact the team at New Dimension Towers at (865) 995-1000 to discuss options for universal towers in Florida.