PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Seadoo Wakeboard Tower

The uncompromised perfection of this Seadoo Wakeboard Tower is what exemplifies its illustrious intricacies. At New Dimension Towers, we have presented a wakeboard tower designed using state-of-the-art methods and promise a cutting-edge product. This wakeboard tower is precise, power-packed, and a visual delight. A boat with this product is going to scream beauty and that’s where it earns points. We wanted to craft a product that’s advantageous, remarkable, and simply outstanding. This is all of those things and more!

Key Features Include:

Custom Colors

Custom Design Specs

Seamless Integration

With its specifically crafted aluminum, this wakeboard tower is designed to remain a long-lasting product. We don’t create short-lived solutions that work for a month or so before dying out or withering away. Whether its corrosion resistant materials or weather resistant finishing, our designs are all-encompassing and offer maximum efficiency. These wakeboard towers don’t give out during inclement weather and will remain a steady partner in a rider’s voyages out into the open sea.

Have a particular color in mind for the new wakeboard tower being purchased? Our designers have insisted on creating a beautiful collection of powder-coated colors/shades to offer a broad spectrum of options. Riders are welcome to customize their wakeboard tower to fit the rest of their boat. This coating is durable, bright, and breathtaking. It will become a part of the boat and play the role it is supposed to. This is why it magnifies the elegance of its presence and why it’s essential as a rider. We insist all clients to personalize their product and get it to look splendid based on their preferences.

Order your Seadoo Wakeboard Tower now by calling in at (865)-995-1000! New Dimension Towers offers a comprehensive inventory of high-quality wakeboard towers built for a rider’s biggest dreams. Being out in the water has never been simpler than it is with our array of wakeboard towers.