PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Rack Boss Wakeboard Rack

The consummation of hard work and thorough designing is seen in the form of a new wakeboard rack detailed by the best in the business. At New Dimension Towers, our team has enlisted its resources in providing an elite collection of wakeboard racks and continues to excel at its work. The Rack Boss Wakeboard Rack is an extension of this vision and why we have become a market leader for aficionados.

Key Features Include:

Stores Up To One Pair of Wakeboards

Composed of Solid Aluminum Billet

The impeccable flair of our wakeboard racks stems from the complex finishing. Our group has continued to innovate and establish modern standards of engineering and notes the requirements of all riders. Having an inefficient or unappealing wakeboard rack is unacceptable and that’s why we push for this solution. It’s a comprehensive collection of quality and value that is impossible to find through any other manufacturer.

Running one’s fingers over the aluminum finishing is what makes it all worth it. At New Dimension Towers, we want to offer a sophisticated, all-encompassing wakeboard rack that’s easy to manage and works well once it is mounted.

For premium results and the finishing of one’s dreams, our team only offers USA-based designs that are completed by local engineers. Our team is local, committed, and understands modern needs. Use this wakeboard rack and know it is as good as anything else in our inventory or on the market. This is going to shine through and start to reveal its potential once the integration is complete and it becomes integral to the boat’s success.

Before getting the Rack Boss Wakeboard rack, call in and speak with us at (865)-995-1000. We will monitor the order, prepare it, and send it in your direction. The product will be delicately designed and finished to meet your requirements.