PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Nautique Wakeboard Tower

Wakeboard towers are all about performance, usability, and quality. Our team of engineers has taken the wakeboard tower and turned it on its head with regards to aesthetics, affordability, and durability. The Nautique Wakeboard Tower is our latest addition to the inventory and a special one. The team has spent hours penning details and analyzing its performance over the course of days, weeks, and months. We want to provide riders with something memorable and this product does it all.

Key Features Include

Corrosion Resistance

Polished Build

Exact Fit

Premium Materials

Don’t want a product that is awful to maintain? This wakeboard tower has been constructed with an eye towards durability. We know riders want an evergreen product with long-lasting materials. With its corrosion resistant coating and beautiful customized colors, this is a standout solution for boats. It will remain robust in all conditions without backing down.

The polished build will sparkle in the light as the boat streaks down the water in all its glory. We have meticulously constructed a wakeboard tower that’s gorgeous and appealing in all facets. It’s about the complete package and that’s where this product triumphs.

For boat owners hoping to install the wakeboard tower quickly, we have taken this into consideration. Our team deliberated over what an exact-fit product can do and that’s where customization came up. We want to offer products that are customized and designed with the rider’s intentions in mind. All of our wakeboard towers are unobtrusive and easy to install.

To buy this Nautique Wakeboard Tower and have it in your collection, you can let us know at (865)-995-1000. We will prepare the tailor-made wakeboard tower and have it ready for action as soon as we call. This is why New Dimension Towers is an elite provider in the USA.