PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Moomba Wakeboard Tower

The Moomba Wakeboard Tower is a product we’ve constructed with tasteful elegance to emphasize its intricate touches. It’s the subtle lines, immaculate curves, and consistent build quality that make it appealing to the masses. At New Dimension Towers, we’ve aimed to build a sophisticated wakeboard tower that’s eye-catching. This wakeboard tower is a beautiful solution and will fit one’s boat without missing a beat.

The boat will look impressive as this is installed for the first time.

Key Features Include:

Designed for Exact-Fit

Aesthetic Design

Made in the USA

This gorgeous wakeboard tower was concocted with the assistance of leading innovators in the industry who have spent years building similar products. New Dimension Towers doesn’t offer inferior products nor does it wish to insult its riders. Our aim is to go above and beyond with each solution making it the ultimate wakeboard tower in one’s collection.

Since we’re a proud American company and always looking to instill a passion for the nation, all of our wakeboard towers are produced in-house within the States. The goal is to offer products we know are exceptional and have gone through stringent testing before being released.

The design quality of this striking wakeboard tower will hypnotize once it settles in and is installed. It takes seconds to install and the charm of this product is exemplary. We have customized each product to suit the boat’s needs and take additional specs based on the order coming in. We don’t offer universal products since an exact-fit is better in all facets. It’s able to perform better without getting in the way.

The Moomba Wakeboard Tower is ready to be taken home and it begins with a call to New Dimension Towers at (865)-995-1000. The order will be personalized based on your specifications and what the boat requires.