PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Mastercraft Wakeboard Rack

The sophisticated design and craftsmanship of our wakeboard racks has been mentioned around the world. New Dimension Towers doesn’t muck around with its collection of wakeboard racks because excellence isn’t an option. We take premium materials and source them into world-class products. These are top-tier wakeboard racks made to handle the rigors of being out in the water. Our team ensures these racks are able to handle the brunt of all conditions and manage to look great. The Mastercraft Wakeboard Rack is a tremendous example of cultivated enlightenment with is nuanced edges and heavy-duty build quality.

Key Features Include:

Ideal for One Pair of Wakeboards

Made From Aluminum Billet

The businesslike elegance of this wakeboard rack is enchanting and will provoke great thought once it’s installed. We have understood what is required to tailor an ideal rack and this fits the bill. The practicality of its performance and general brilliance it provides is hard to overlook. The wakeboard tower will settle nicely onto the rack and remain secure.

It is the aluminum billet that will glisten as the rack goes into place. We have traveled the world to assess various accessories to see what makes the best ones click and it’s aluminum billet that wins the battle. Whether it is handling rust or overcoming weather conditions, this aluminum is going to do it all. It’s the package everyone needs. At New Dimension Towers, we pride ourselves on using quality materials and aluminum is right up there with the best. It is an exemplary option and one necessary at this time.

The Mastercraft Wakeboard Rack is ready to go for those wanting to use it for their wakeboards once you call in at (865)-995-1000. The specialist will offer a series of options and then illustrate why this is a great wakeboard rack. It has all the refined qualities necessary to deliver exceptional luxury.