PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Mastercraft Ski Rack

The mastery of engineering is on full show at New Dimension Towers with our Mastercraft Ski Rack. The pioneering technology leading to this refined ski rack is one of unimaginable precision and quality. We have dedicated time to assessing the racks available around the world before coming up with something extraordinary here. The vision was to create a ski rack that’s convenient, robust, and built from the world’s greatest materials. This ski rack has it all and then some making it one of our better options.

Key Features Include:

Constructed Using Premium Aluminum

Holds 1 or 2 Pair of Skis

Made in the USA

It starts with the meticulous aluminum that is coated in shimmering quality offering consistent value to riders. Having a robust ski rack made from premium materials is hard to turn away from. We didn’t want to ignore what riders desire and knew a good ski rack started with the use of premium aluminum. All of our ski racks use this material because it’s power-packed and easy to handle.

The weather isn’t going to make a dent with this powerful ski rack. Riders can have full faith in how it will handle the inclement weather over time. We have put it through its paces to ensure that is the case making it one of the ultimate ski racks on offer. The market is saturated with inferior options but this stands out for its excellence. The weather is never going to be an issue again.

The Mastercraft Ski Rack is ready for purchase and is going to be on its way to your doorstep as soon as the order goes in at (865)-995-1000. We will have the order prepped and customized for your skis in minutes. Give us a shout and watch as completing the order becomes enjoyable.