PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Malibu Wakeboard Tower

Sitting out in the water and looking at the horizon can make one wonder what’s the meaning of life. At New Dimension Towers, we have the answer and it comes in the form of a seamless wakeboard tower made from the world’s greatest materials. We have harnessed some of the most distinguished methods and technologies from around the world including building patented solutions to create perfection. We recognize riders want something marvelous and that’s what the Malibu Wakeboard Tower welcomes to one’s experience. This is a one-of-a-kind experience and the only one riders will ever need!

Key Features Include:

Top Performance Mechanisms

Premium Customization Specs

Exact-Fit Build

Easy To Set Up

The moment this wakeboard tower is installed, it will kick into high gear and become a major influence on one’s adventures out in the water. Riders claim this is an incredible fit and we have proven to hit the pinnacle of engineering with our work. New Dimension Towers has remained focused on building high-quality wakeboard towers and remaining a large influence on how the industry progresses. This wakeboard tower screams excellence and is a proud accomplishment for the team.

Picking up one of these wakeboard towers is going to bring home a realization of what perfection is. Whether it is the astonishing aluminum body that sparkles under the light or the meticulous exact-fit build, this wakeboard tower is going to shine like never seen before. It will make one beam in pride.

The Malibu Wakeboard Tower is ready for lift off and all it takes is a phone call with one of our trustworthy specialists to place the order at (865)-995-1000. The tower will be prepared meticulously based on your specifications and expectations to assure superior results. We don’t cut corners with our build quality and remain on top of things throughout the process.