PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Mako Flame Wakeboard Rack

New Dimension Towers has grown its brand over the years to exemplify hard work, quality, and persistence every step of the way. We know riders are unrelenting when it comes to their desire for excellence and that’s what we strive for. Our team doesn’t want to offer meaningless products that fail to reach the pinnacle of the industry. Instead, we aim for the top level options and that’s where this Make Flame Wakeboard Rack fits in. It is an ode to that requirement and is an example of how far our engineering has come.

Key Features Include:

Can Store One Pair of Wakeboards

Customized Fit

Easy to Use

Customization is something we’ve drilled into our setup and designing process. Our team recognizes how personalized fits can make all the difference in performance, usability, and overall quality. We don’t want to deliver something inefficient that doesn’t work well or doesn’t have the nuances needed for long-term benefits. This wakeboard rack is able to overcome those hurdles and perform at a level that’s textbook. All of our wakeboard racks fit this mould and continue to dominate once installed.

The finishing is striking from its aluminum materials to the shining body that works well with the rest of the setup. We have tested it in various conditions and always enjoyed the results it provides. This is where we make the most of our testing credentials as a leading company in the industry. At New Dimension Towers, the products are heavily vetted and researched before being offered to the masses. This is why we are the best.

The Mako Flame Wakeboard Rack will look fantastic once it is bought by calling in at (865)-995-1000. It is going to work well with a pair of wakeboards and settle into the boat’s setup. This wakeboard rack is fit for all conditions and built for years of high-quality performance.