Jan, 25, 2020

How to Shop for A Titan Wakeboard Rack in North Carolina

How to Shop for A Titan Wakeboard Rack in North Carolina Choosing a Titan wakeboard rack in North Carolina can be simple if you know what to ask for. The biggest problem is the sheer number of choices that you have. While a rack is primarily for storage or organizing your equipment, there are many different features available depending on exactly what you need and the type of boat you have. Before you start shopping for a wakeboard rack, ask yourself these questions to help narrow your selection:

  • How many racks do you need or want?
  • What skis or boards will you be storing?
  • Do you need an adjustable rack?
  • Does the rack need to be removable?
  • How is the rack made?
  • Is there enough padding on the rack for your needs?
  • Does the rack have a bungee cord integrated into it?
  • Does rubber cover the forks so that boards are protected?
Since tower racks are able to hold wakeboards, skis, and kneeboards, you may want to have a rack on both sides of your boat for balance. Two racks are probably enough, as most racks hold four boards each. You may opt for a release feature that allows you to take off the rack for storage or safety reasons. As the tower will not usually fold correctly with an attached rack, you typically don’t want to leave it on permanently. The rack should match your boat and accessories and be crafted of stainless steel or aluminum, so it won’t rust. Protect your boat and board investment with a Titan wakeboard rack in North Carolina for additional safety and comfort for you and your passengers. Contact New Dimension Towers at (865) 995-1000 for details on the racks we offer.