PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Exact-Fit Wakeboard Towers

The ideal wakeboard tower is defined by its dependability, versatility, and most important its quality. Without these advantages, the product is meaningless and won’t offer the perfect fit. At New Dimension Towers, we take the opportunity to build a seamless exact-fit wakeboard tower built for a rider’s needs.

All products are created using high-end mechanisms and offer a wide range of advantages. These benefits ensure the riding experience is unmatched and prolongs one’s time out in the water. Our team is proud to offer a vast selection of options that are compact, durable, and affordable.

What does our universal wakeboard tower offer?

* Adjustability

* Elimination of Deck Stressing

Removal of Weld-in Crossmembers

* Pre-Formed Mounting Plates

* Custom Engraved Billet Plates

* And More!

We recognize the importance of offering a responsive, top-tier product that’s going to work in a variety of situations. These wakeboard towers are the ultimate option for riders wanting precision.

Our team has spent years analyzing boat brands and their intricacies before coming up with the ideal line of wakeboard towers. Each wakeboard tower is well suited for working with renowned boat brands around the world and in the US.

Please note we offer a wide variety of accessories in sync with these wakeboard towers to provide an all-inclusive option. These are designed to maximize one’s experience and guarantee premium results. Riders are welcome to ask questions and relay their needs for a tailor-made solution. This is an opportunity to get the perfect option instead of using a cookie-cutter solution often seen on the open market.

For more information on these exact-fit wakeboard towers, please call in and speak to one of the specialists at New Dimension Towers. Our specialists can be reached at 865-995-1000 and will offer meaningful information related to all products in the inventory.