PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Crownline Wakeboard Tower

New Dimension Towers has set the standards high for its inventory of wakeboard towers and this includes the highly reputable Crownline Wakeboard Tower. This product has managed to earn rave reviews for its compact build, consistent output, and generous list of advantages. We have put it through a series of tests to provide optimal results consistent with modern-day requirements. Our team of engineers continues to push this line of wakeboard towers to its limits to offer riders with a thorough product.

* Power-Packed Output Metrics

* Consistent and Durable Use of Aluminum

* Universal Build

This wakeboard tower has earned praise due to its insistence on maintaining top performance in a varied list of scenarios. Whether it’s in choppy waters or sun-filled skies, this wakeboard tower is going to push through. We have noted all requirements and continue to ask for customized information for a better riding experience. We wish for boat owners to receiving something fruitful, powerful, and meaningful. This is the charm of a quality wakeboard tower.

At New Dimension Towers, we take the time to build our products at home in the USA to guarantee consistent quality. We don’t accept inferior setups or mistakes. Our vision is to put quality above everything else including what’s on offer in this line of wakeboard towers. When riders get one of our products in their hands, it’s going to stand out for all the right reasons. It will become the star of the show and that’s what makes it brilliant.

To get a Crownline Wakeboard Tower or learn more about its excellence, please give us a ring at (865)-995-1000 to begin the process towards a new product. This is going to make riding in the water a dream come true and something straight out of a movie. Yes, our products are that good!