PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Cobalt Wakeboard Tower

The Cobalt Wakeboard Tower is listed among the top products available for modern-day riders. At New Dimension Towers, we offer access to this world-class wakeboard tower and guarantee a refined product that’s ahead of its time. This product has been vetted, inspected, and remains an engineering success for individuals desiring excellence.

* Refined Build Quality

* Made in the US

* High-Grade Aluminum

We have scoured through years of research on wakeboard towers before releasing this exceptionally well-crafted solution. It’s accessible to all riders and offers a boatload of benefits that are hard to find in other similar options. Our team of engineers has continued to define its vision by offering incomparable products that are built for longevity, performance, and overall quality.

This tower is a universal solution guaranteeing it’s going to jive with a rider’s setup and will produce magical results. It is able to retain high levels of performance without deterioration and has been graded in a diverse set of weather conditions for maximum output. Riders will know they’re receiving a primed product consisting of top-level metrics that are seamlessly integrated into the wakeboard tower.

The aluminum is going to match all high-end requirements and will be able to manage well on its own. This guarantees consistent performance that is competitive and meaningful. We recognize a rider’s greatest needs and aim to deliver with our line of products including this seasoned solution. It’s a solution, which offers a power-packed set of benefits that remain exciting for years to come.

Thinking about picking up the Cobalt Wakeboard Tower and beginning a journey towards seamless boating? At New Dimension Towers, we are welcoming all calls and will offer tremendous insight on what the product has to offer at (865)-995-1000. This is a chance to buy something customized, seamless, and exceptionally detailed. It’s the complete wakeboard tower.