PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Chapparal Wakeboard Tower

Precision. Excellence. Perfection. These are the words that linger on one’s mind as New Dimension Tower’s beautiful collection of wakeboard towers pop up. We have crafted an adrenaline-charged set of wakeboard towers topped with the all-inclusive Chapparal Wakeboard Tower. This high-end tower is power-packed with quality features and premium materials in line with present-day standards. We have powered through a full-bodied set of information and data to come up with the ultimate product. This wakeboard tower is comprehensive, durable, and immaculately designed from top to bottom.

Key Features Include:

* Compact Design

* Easy to Install

* Made in the USA

* Exact-Fit Setup

* Full and Premium Customization Options

By analyzing the market and a rider’s needs, we have come up with a nuanced product that’s ideal from all angles. It is a compact design that’s easy to install and will offer continuous advantages in the water. At New Dimension Towers, we promise to work hard on our designs and it shows through this world-class wakeboard tower. Riders will never have to consider another option ever again once this is installed!

The fit is pristine and is going to jive well with the rest of one’s boat. Whether it is an older or newer model, the wakeboard tower is going to fit impeccably. This is a promise by our team and we will ensure the process is silky smooth from start to finish.

This wakeboard tower is made in the US and has been locally designed to emphasize contemporary requirements for local riders. This will provide ideal balance in the water when the product is put to use.

For more information on the Chapparal Wakeboard Tower and why it is among the best, you are welcome to call in at 865-995-1000. We are more than happy to assist riders with their needs including providing supplementary material on all wakeboard towers including this one.