PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Centurion Wakeboard Tower

The magnificence and beauty of a new wakeboard tower cannot be stressed enough. It exudes a certain class that is important while purchasing a product such as this. New Dimension Tower is proud to offer the Centurion Wakeboard tower, which is among the best at what it does. This wakeboard tower is pure, complete, and one of the best at offering a wide array of features. Riders will know they’re looking at the epitome of class when they’re setting this up for the first time. It’s an impeccable piece of engineering that we’ve spent time producing to amplify its value.

Key Features Include:

* Exact-Fit Specifications

* Durable

* Ideal for All Boat Brands

* Made in the US

* Includes Aluminum

We have put in hours of research to find the right balance between affordability, durability, and elegance to offer an exceptional product. Our vision remains to go the extra mile as a company for the benefit of all riders. Being out in the water shouldn’t be a hassle with this quality wakeboard tower on hand. It’s been meticulously designed to handle the rigors of outdoor conditions without breaking down or causing unnecessary stress.

Why should one trust it?

Qualified engineers who have a hunger for boating and acknowledge what’s needed have created this wakeboard tower. This promises the boat will work proficiently when the wakeboard tower is installed.

The Centurion Wakeboard Tower is one-of-a-kind and has been artfully designed to include all valuable features. To get your hands on this, call in and let us know what you’re looking for at 865-995-1000. We will build the perfect wakeboard tower and ensure it’s an exact-fit model for your boat brand. This is an elite product for riders who crave perfection. It will produce high performance metrics without missing a beat out in the water.