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Wakeboard Accessories in North Carolina


Wakeboard Accessories in North Carolina

Wakeboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sports in the United States. Part of the reason it’s been increasing in popularity over the years is because it’s much more accessible to enthusiasts. There was a time when wakeboarding was a hobby that was too expensive for most to enjoy. Would-be wakeboarders would buy an expensive wakeboard tower, only to find out that it didn’t match their boat. Today, with places like New Dimension Towers, you can find wakeboards, biminis, and accessories so you’re able to enjoy the hobby. If you’re at the point where you already own a wakeboard tower and boat and want to take things even further, look to New Dimension Towers for all of your wakeboard accessories in North Carolina.

There are many different types of wakeboard accessories to be found. A tower light is one of the most popular, allowing you to wakeboard after hours, or just to simply add extra flair to your tower. There are also many different types of storage capabilities for your boards. Look for different types of racks, with sizes such as small, medium, and large, to store one set of boards or multiple sets. These different types of racks and mounts have different styles, so it depends on the style of your boat, the size of your boards, and how you’d like things to look. Most are constructed of tough and durable aluminum billet to withstand all of the elements.

If you’ve been in search of wakeboard accessories in North Carolina, but weren’t sure where to start, New Dimension Towers is a great choice. Feel free to give us a call at (865)995-1000, or drop us an email at


Wakeboard Racks in Minnesota

Wakeboard Racks in Minnesota

After a long winter, as soon as spring hits, most people start thinking about how they’re going to spend their summer. Making plans often includes going out on the water to enjoy a nice day of surfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and other water sports. Wakeboarding has been quickly gaining popularity all around the country, even in the most unlikely of spots. However, to truly enjoy wakeboarding, you need a few supplies and accessories in addition to your boat. If you’ve been in search of wakeboard racks in Minnesota, New Dimension Towers has a large assortment of racks and towers that are perfect for you.

A few years ago when wakeboarding first gained prevalence, a major problem was that participants wanted wakeboard towers to enjoy the sport more. A tower or rack helps you get more hang time, helps raise the off-point, and overall makes the sport more enjoyable. A few years ago, you needed a specific tower made for your specific boat. Some boats couldn’t even fit towers very well, so athletes had to either buy a new boat or abandon their idea of a tower.

At New Dimension, we do offer wakeboard racks and towers specifically for certain boats, but we also offer many different types of durable and universal towers that are guaranteed to fit onto any boat, so you don’t have to worry about exactly matching them up. From hybrid towers to general racks, there’s bound to be something to suit your wakeboarding needs.

To learn more about wakeboard racks in Minnesota, or to hear more about the benefits of owning a tower, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or drop us an email at

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