PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Bryant Wakeboard Tower

New Dimension Towers is a reputable company that has spent years building sophisticated wakeboard towers for its riders. The days of going with substandard wakeboard towers that break down or don’t look ideal should be long in the past. We want to offer a solution that’s compact and has a detail-oriented build to it. One of our most loved and respected wakeboard towers would be the Bryant Wakeboard Tower. It’s versatile, beautiful, and compact.

The finishing is immaculate beginning with the subtle touches and personalized fitting. We want to build a wakeboard tower based on the rider’s needs rather than streamlining the process. This includes speaking to the rider and understanding what his/her needs are. This is where we shine in the industry and continue to hit new highs with our products. We don’t settle for anything short of excellence and it starts with wakeboard towers such as this one.

Key Features Include:

* OEM Type Tower For All Models

* Aluminum Finishing

* No Adjustments Necessary

* Custom Fit and Color

The aluminum finishing is crisp and will make one look twice. We have continued to work on the body to make it reliable in all weather conditions. This rigorous testing is a part of our protocol before releasing products and that includes all wakeboard towers.

Don’t want to deal with annoying installation issues?

This wakeboard tower will be designed based on a rider’s custom requirements. All details are acquired during the purchasing process to guarantee a swift completion of all relevant details. We will pour through this information and refine the product before sending it out.

For more information on how the Bryant Wakeboard Tower adds value to a rider’s setup, start here by contacting New Dimension Towers at 865-995-1000. The ultimate riding experience begins with one of these high-end wakeboard towers by your side.