Jan, 25, 2020

Boat Towers in Texas Enhance Wakeboarder Experience

Boat Towers in Texas Enhance Wakeboarder Experience   Now that you finally have the boat you’ve been dreaming about for years, it’s time to outfit it for what you want to do. If you will do some skiing or fishing, you need the appropriate equipment for those endeavors. If you are ready for some primo wakeboarding, you need to choose from the dozens of boat towers in Texas that will meet your needs for safety, convenience, and aesthetics. When you have the perfect boat tower and are set to begin having riders, there are a few tips to follow to make sure that when a rider is on the board, that the experience is a good one for all.

  1. Maintain a consistent boat speed and drive a straight course.
  2. Create a clean, solid and consistent wake on both sides of the boat.
  3. Use only a non-stretch wakeboard rope for towing. Ski rope does not work well for wakeboarding.
  4. Your new boat tower will give riders more air time when jumping the wake because of its height and the angle of the rope.
  5. Create a bigger wake with a better shape with the right ballast. You can use bags of lead or fat sacs filled with water to adjust the weight of the boat as needed.
For in-depth information on the best boat towers in Texas for your boat no matter what type or size it may be, call the wakeboarding experts at New Dimension Towers at (865) 995-1000. We will be happy to help you determine whether a standard or custom tower will meet your needs and answer any questions you may have about cost, installation, and maintenance. Let us help you get in the water sooner!