PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Boat Towers

With an eye towards value, New Dimension Towers sets the highest standards for all its products. We continue to offer a hearty range of boat towers meticulously manufactured using trusted and precise processes. These products are crafted with passion, purity, and a desire for excellence that’s hard to find anywhere else in America.

Our team has earned critical acclaim for offering high-quality wakeboard towers built from the world’s finest materials. These products are crafted by top-tier engineers and will offer incredible performance around the clock. Having one of these wakeboard towers by your side is a joyous experience and will lead to a boatload of evergreen memories.

Why are these the ultimate wakeboard towers?

* Refined Build Quality

* Versatile

* Premium Materials

* Budget-Friendly

* Compact

We recognize what modern-day riders are searching for and continue to monitor our products based on these expectations. We wish to provide the ultimate product and nothing short of the best. This is our number one goal and the vision our company has been built on. All wakeboard towers are put through rigorous assessments based on established standards of what’s good and what’s not. This ensures the results are worthwhile and each wakeboard tower is of substantial value.

Take the time to sift through our robust catalog of wakeboard towers and pick the ideal one.

The build quality, durability, and overall excellence of these products are what make our company one of the best in America. We aim to deliver premium results and appreciate what’s required.

To begin this journey towards choosing one of the best boat towers in the US, please take the time to call in and speak with one of our trained representatives at 865-995-1000. All of your questions will be answered on the spot. This is the beauty of trusting our team and speaking to a professional with a passion for wakeboard towers.