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Wakeboard Accessories in North Carolina


Wakeboard Accessories in North Carolina

Wakeboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sports in the United States. Part of the reason it’s been increasing in popularity over the years is because it’s much more accessible to enthusiasts. There was a time when wakeboarding was a hobby that was too expensive for most to enjoy. Would-be wakeboarders would buy an expensive wakeboard tower, only to find out that it didn’t match their boat. Today, with places like New Dimension Towers, you can find wakeboards, biminis, and accessories so you’re able to enjoy the hobby. If you’re at the point where you already own a wakeboard tower and boat and want to take things even further, look to New Dimension Towers for all of your wakeboard accessories in North Carolina.

There are many different types of wakeboard accessories to be found. A tower light is one of the most popular, allowing you to wakeboard after hours, or just to simply add extra flair to your tower. There are also many different types of storage capabilities for your boards. Look for different types of racks, with sizes such as small, medium, and large, to store one set of boards or multiple sets. These different types of racks and mounts have different styles, so it depends on the style of your boat, the size of your boards, and how you’d like things to look. Most are constructed of tough and durable aluminum billet to withstand all of the elements.

If you’ve been in search of wakeboard accessories in North Carolina, but weren’t sure where to start, New Dimension Towers is a great choice. Feel free to give us a call at (865)995-1000, or drop us an email at


Wakeboard Biminis in California

Wakeboard Biminis in California

As summertime is already here, many are taking to the shores with their boats for some summer fun. While some opt for surfing or waterskiing, others are becoming more interested in the sport of wakeboarding. As more and more equipment becomes affordable and easier to buy, those who love water sports are able to try it out. Several years ago, it was tough to buy wakeboarding equipment because it had to match your particular make of boat. If you didn’t have the right boat, unfortunately you were out of luck. Now, universal parts and towers fit any type of boat, and everyone can enjoy wakeboarding. If you’ve been looking for a bimini for your tower and have been looking for wakeboard biminis in California, look no further than New Dimension Towers.

Part of what a bimini does is to help keep the sun off of your boat – and you. Being out on the water in the blazing sun for several hours can be exceedingly tough. Even if you’re wearing sunblock, the sun can be grueling. Use bimins as adequate covers for both you and your guests, and your boat. Our bimins come in myriad color choices, so you’re able to customize the look and feel, matching the aesthetics of your boat.

Lightweight and easy to install, our biminis also are easily foldable, so you can take them off and stow them when you need to. They also help protect you from the elements, and are sun, wind, and rain resistant.

To learn more about wakeboard biminis in California, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 to hear about our different options, or email us at

Water Ski Racks in Texas

Water Ski Racks in Texas

If you’re ready to hit the water this summer for sport, there are a few items you should have in your arsenal before the summer season begins. If you’re heading out on a boat, water sports are made that much easier by having the right equipment installed on your boat. A few years ago, this would be a very expensive notion—for instance, you’d have to have the boat match the racks, and vice versa. Today, companies such as New Dimension Towers have worked hard to design and manufacture universal racks that make water sports that much more accessible for the everyday person who wants to enjoy summer. If you are in need of water ski racks in Texas, we have an inventory of different styles and types that are perfect for your needs.

While we specialize in wakeboard towers and racks, we also have a large line of water ski racks, so you’re able to easily store your skis while you’re out on the water. Many of these racks are also built for use for wakeboards, so if you have a wakeboard but not a tower, these racks will suffice in helping you store the boards on the boat. In fact, all of our ski racks can also securely store one pair of wakeboards as well as skis. Made of aluminum billet, these racks are strong, sturdy, and won’t leave you out to dry when you’re on the water.

To find out more about water ski racks in Texas, or to hear about our wakeboard towers or other gear, call or email New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or We’re ready to help you enjoy your summer.

Wakeboard Tower Racks in Florida


Wakeboard Tower Racks in Florida

As wakeboarding is gaining in popularity, so are wakeboard accessories that help you perfect your new hobby. Of course, the first step to becoming a prominent wakeboarder is the acquisition of a wakeboarding boat. A few years ago, many boarders’ hopes would be stymied when they realized that they would have to buy an overpriced wakeboard tower made by the manufacturer of their specific boat, as there weren’t many universal towers out there that would fit just any boat. New Dimension Towers worked to change that, and now offers many different types of universal wake towers. If you’ve been looking for wakeboard tower racks in Florida, we have everything you need.

Of course, we also manufacture racks made for specific boats, so if you have a Bayliner, for example, we have a tower to fit your boat. However, many of our different racks are universal, and can fit nearly any wakeboard boat you have. Always made of the top materials, such as aluminum tubing, our racks are lightweight, exact fit, and are guaranteed to work well on your boat.

One of the reasons towers are so popular is they give you the opportunity to perform more tricks. Just the right height lets you wakeboard with flourish, which is part of why adding a tower really revolutionizes the sport for each individual wakeboarder and boat. Not only are towers good for tricks, you can also use them for wakeboard storage when your boat is not in use, eliminating clutter on your boat floor.

To hear more about wakeboard tower racks in Florida or any other area, please call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or drop us an email at

Wakeboard Racks in Minnesota

Wakeboard Racks in Minnesota

After a long winter, as soon as spring hits, most people start thinking about how they’re going to spend their summer. Making plans often includes going out on the water to enjoy a nice day of surfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and other water sports. Wakeboarding has been quickly gaining popularity all around the country, even in the most unlikely of spots. However, to truly enjoy wakeboarding, you need a few supplies and accessories in addition to your boat. If you’ve been in search of wakeboard racks in Minnesota, New Dimension Towers has a large assortment of racks and towers that are perfect for you.

A few years ago when wakeboarding first gained prevalence, a major problem was that participants wanted wakeboard towers to enjoy the sport more. A tower or rack helps you get more hang time, helps raise the off-point, and overall makes the sport more enjoyable. A few years ago, you needed a specific tower made for your specific boat. Some boats couldn’t even fit towers very well, so athletes had to either buy a new boat or abandon their idea of a tower.

At New Dimension, we do offer wakeboard racks and towers specifically for certain boats, but we also offer many different types of durable and universal towers that are guaranteed to fit onto any boat, so you don’t have to worry about exactly matching them up. From hybrid towers to general racks, there’s bound to be something to suit your wakeboarding needs.

To learn more about wakeboard racks in Minnesota, or to hear more about the benefits of owning a tower, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or drop us an email at

NDT Hybrid Universal Wakeboard Tower in Michigan

NDT Hybrid Universal Wakeboard Tower in Michigan

With summer quickly around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fun in the sun, family (or exciting) vacations, booking hotels, resorts, and beach time. One of the most up-and-coming popular things to do in warm weather is wakeboarding. As it quickly is growing in popularity around the nation, so are the need for wakeboard towers, so enthusiasts can really enjoy the sport. If you’ve been in search of an NDT hybrid universal wakeboard tower in Michigan, New Dimension Towers is your one-stop shop for everything wakeboard you need.

One of the issues a few years back as people began to discover the sport of wakeboarding was the fact that their particular boat and their tower weren’t a fit. Nothing is more frustrating then investing quite a bit of money on a boat, and further investing quite a bit of money on a wakeboard tower, to have them not be a match.

Here at NDT (New Dimension Towers), we decided to construct a plan to make sure that never happened again. While we do offer wakeboard towers that conform to specific boat models, we also have many universal and hybrid options, making your choices a lot more seamless when it comes time to select a tower.

Some of the features on our hybrid universal wakeboard tower include an all-aluminum construction, providing you with strength and durability, and a design that allows the crossmembers to tie in the front. The tower is also completely adjustable and is guaranteed to fit your boat, which eliminates not only the stress on you, but stress on your deck as well.

We have many options when it comes to hybrid and universal towers, and are sure to have a model that meets all of your specifications and needs. To find out more about NDT hybrid universal wakeboard towers in Michigan, call New Dimension Towers today at (885)995-1000, or drop us an email at

Universal Hybrid Wakeboard Tower in Washington

Universal Hybrid Wakeboard Tower in Washington

As wakeboarding is soon gaining popularity all over the country, so are different types of wakeboards and wakeboard towers. Initially, one of the first problems with wakeboard towers was that they would only fit certain boats. For example, if you had a MasterCraft wakeboarding boat, then only a MastgerCraft wakeboard tower would work. Problem is, most folks discovered this after they’d already invested in a boat. That’s why, at New Dimension Towers, we began to build other options so that everyone could enjoy wakeboarding. For those looking for a universal hybrid wakeboard tower in Washington, we have just what you need to enjoy the summer.

Universal, of course, implies that this particular wakeboard tower will fit any boat – and with rare exception, it does. This type of tower is adjustable from side to side, getting past some of the design flaws that have caused so many wakeboard towers to not be universal. When it comes to the deck mounts, there are many pre-formed and pre-made options to make sure that it fits exactly to your boat.

What is different about the hybrid is that it is a cross between a completely universal tower (which is customized to fit your needs at every turn), and a regular, non-universal OEM tower. Here at New Dimension, we’ve tried our best to fit in the best designs and features of both into one tower.

To learn more about our universal hybrid wakeboard tower in Washington, or to hear about some of out other designs, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or email us at to get more information about wakeboarding, towers, and more.

Exact-Fit Wakeboard Tower in Delaware

Exact-Fit Wakeboard Tower in Delaware

If you’ve been thinking about the sport of wakeboarding, or are just getting started and are in the midst of trying to get all of the equipment you need for maximum enjoyment, you may be considering the purchase of a wakeboard tower. A wakeboard tower offers many benefits that can help magnify your enjoyment of wakeboarding, allowing you more hang time, a support beam to hang onto, and much more. If you already have a dedicated wakeboarding boat, you may want to consider an exact-fit wakeboard tower in Delaware or the surrounding areas. This way, you know your tower will be a tight, secure fit as you hit the waters of the Chesapeake.

Here at New Dimension Towers, we offer many different wakeboard towers for different scenarios. One of our prize towers is a universal tower that fits literally any wakeboarding boat on the market. But, suppose you have a Bayliner boat and want a secure, exact fit that’s especially made for YOUR specific boat? That’s why we also have several different types of exact-fit models that are exactly that – perfect fits. We feature an exact-fit Bayliner model, as well as similar models for Bryant, Caravelle, Centurion, Chaparral, Cobalt, and many more boat types.

This offers you a choice not only of our universal towers, but our exact-fit models as well. Simply take a look through our online catalog to find the exact-fit model that matches your specific boat. Our expert staff can also assist if you need help figuring out exactly which tower to buy.

To learn more about exact-fit wakeboard towers in Delaware, or to hear about our other merch or ask us a question, please call New Dimension Towers at (865) 995-1000 or drop us an email at

Boat Towers in Louisiana

Centurion exact-fit wakeboard tower by New Dimension Towers

One of the most enjoyable up and coming water sports, wakeboarding is soon becoming a summertime pastime for many. Whether you’re boating in the ocean or going down the river, wakeboarding is fun for everyone. Like every sport that’s exciting, wakeboarding requires a little bit of equipment to get started. Of course, a wakeboarding boat is a must – but more and more wakeboarders are deciding that towers are a necessary accessory to add to their boat. If you’ve been in search of boat towers in Louisiana, New Dimension Towers has everything you need to help you get started.

One of the main reasons that towers are so popular is because they let you stay in the air much longer than wakeboarding without one. However, a few years ago, those new to the sport would get extremely frustrated when they realized that they bought a separate wakeboarding boat and tower, but the two weren’t compatible.

Here at New Dimesnion, you’ll find that our towers are universal, so no matter what type of wakeboarding boat you have, our towers are sure to fit. All of the towers are made of the highest-grade aluminum, and are easy to set up and install, even for a novice. Of course, our team is more than happy to help you with installation to help you get started. Our wakeboards also come complete with many different accessories, depending on your preferences and needs. All of our custom-made wakeboards are specifically crafted not only to make wakeboarding more enjoyable for you, but also to raise the value of your boat.

To learn more about boat towers in Louisiana, or to hear more about all of our wakeboarding and customizable options, call New Dimension Towers today at (865) 995-1000 or drop us an email at to learn more.

Wakeboard Towers in New York for Any Boat

1994-1999 Sunsport exact-fit wakeboard tower by New Dimension Towers

One of the most popular up-and-coming water sports is wakeboarding. If you’re just getting into the sport, or simply are learning more about it, it’s fun and enjoyable, along with wake surfing and wake skating. One of the first steps you need in order to participate in the sport is a wakeboard boat. Some stop here, but to get the full enjoyment of wakeboarding, a tower is in order, allowing you to jump even higher and do more tricks. If you’ve been looking for wakeboard towers in New York, New Dimension Towers offers you many choices.

With many different spots to wakeboard, from Jones Beach in Long Island to the beach in the sound, having a wakeboard tower will make your summer expeditions even more fun. One problem that many newcomers to the sport have experienced is the fact that they can’t find a wakeboard tower to fit the wakeboard boat they’ve purchased. There are only several types of wakeboard boats, and the tower must be a perfect fit.

Part of what makes New Dimension a good choice is not only the lightweight durability of the towers, but the fact that they’re universal. You can come and order from us with nearly any type of wakeboarding boat, and we’ll be able to fit you with a tower that’s easy to install and never frustrating. You’ll never need any odd joints or adjustments to make your tower fit, as we have your needs in mind. Meant to withstand even the toughest of conditions, our wakeboard towers are guaranteed to stand through any storm.

If you want to learn more about wakeboard towers in New York, or want to ask about any of our specific tower models, call New Dimension Towers today at (865) 995-1000 to speak with us, or drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

Adjustable Wakeboard Tower in North Carolina

adjustable wakeboard tower in North Carolina

Wakeboarding is fun, up-and-coming, and a great way to spend the summer. Like every other sport in the world, however, it requires equipment, which can sometimes confuse people or hang them up when they go to try a new water sport. A wakeboard tower can help enhance your love of the sport in many different ways, but you also want to make sure that you’re buying the right type. If you’ve been looking for an adjustable wakeboard tower in North Carolina, New Dimension Towers is your one-stop shop for all of your wakeboarding needs.

First of all, a wakeboard tower is of course, good for storage. It’s perhaps the easiest way to travel with the boards when you pair it with a rack. Design and style also comes into play. You can look for a tower that’s the same color and/or design as your boat, giving you a sleek, polished look when you’re out on the water. Lastly, towers are one of the best way to do tricks. Once you’re advanced at wakeboarding, you’ll find this extremely important.

One of the problems with towers is many of them are meant for one particular model or brand of boat. If you don’t happen to own that particular brand or model of boat, then it becomes increasingly tough to find the right tower. In this case, you need an adjustable and universal wakeboard tower – one that easily fits any boat, including your boat.

Towers from New Dimension are sturdy, made or reinforced aluminum, and are perfect for any type of boat you own. If you’ve been looking for an adjustable wakeboard tower in North Carolina, call New Dimension Towers at (865)995-1000 or shoot us an email at

Custom Wakeboard Tower in California

custom wakeboard tower in California

With summer coming up, it’s time to think about the best wakeboarding gear to have a fun, enjoyable summer out on the water. Of course in California, any time is a good time to hit the shores, but the summer offers the best opportunities for water sports and fun. Wakeboarding is quickly gaining in popularity all over the US, but getting the right gear can sometimes be problematic. If you’ve been looking for a custom wakeboard tower in California, then New Dimension Towers is here to meet all of your needs.

One of the main issues that lovers of the sport face is that many wakeboard towers are incompatible with their wakeboard boat. Because of this, you have to have a special tower built, which often has an exorbitant price tag connected to it. Here at New Dimension, part of our unique design aims to have a universal wakeboard tower that easily fits any type of boat.

In addition to universal towers, we also offer many custom jobs as well. Our towers are lightweight and crafted of aluminum, and are built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. If you want a custom tower, then you’re now part of our design team, and can help us build the perfect tower for your craft. No adjustments will be needed, as your tower will fit in perfectly with your boat.

To learn more about custom wakeboard tower in California, or to learn more about our other towers or universal towers, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 or send us an email at We’re here to help make your summer spectacular.

Universal Wakeboard Towers in Texas

Universal Towers, Wakeboard Towers

Wakeboarding has recently become one of the most popular water sports at shorelines all over America. As wakeboarding has been gaining in popularity, so have accessories meant to make the sport easier. One of the first things that a wakeboarder will need other than the board itself is a wakeboarding boat. Wakeboarding isn’t a new sport, and companies have been manufacturing wakeboarding boats for decades. However, a common problem that frustrates wakeboarders is the inability to install a wakeboard tower to just any wakeboarding boat. Often times, wakeboarders find out that the tower they bought does not fit their boat, which makes participation in the sport much less enjoyable. If you’ve been looking for universal wakeboard towers in Texas that are built to fit any boat, look no further than New Dimension Towers.

All of our towers at New Dimension are universal in the respect that they are specifically designed to fit your boat. Now, there’s no more worrying if a tower is going to fit the boat you already own – we’ll make a tower to fit that specific boat. Durable and strong, our towers are made of the highest-grade aluminum and are meant to withstand harsh elements, strong winds, and extreme weather.

There are many reasons to opt for a tower, as a tower is a great place to store racks, hang speakers, and best of all, you get more hang time with a tower. When you choose New Dimension, you’re guaranteed that the tower will fit your boat, no question.

To learn more about universal wakeboard towers in Texas, call New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 to speak with a member of our professional staff, or email

Universal Towers in Florida

universal towers in Florida

When you wakeboard, the strength and durability of the tower allows you to increase your fun while also increasing your safety level, making the sport of wakeboarding as enjoyable as it should be. If you’ve been looking for universal towers in Florida, look to New Dimension Towers for all of your wakeboarding needs.

Our universal towers are engineered to fit nearly all sport runabouts, bowriders and ski boats, ranging from 72″ to 108″ beam width. These towers are built to withstand any type of extreme conditions. Our wakeboard towers are also built of the highest grade aircraft aluminum, so you’re guaranteed that they’re strong, durable, and will stand up to years of wakeboarding and sport.

Typically, you will find that other universal towers are missing the weld-in crossmembers, where all of the stress is then placed on the mounting points and top of the tower. Our fully adjustable towers have weld-in crossmembers. This allows for both front to back and side to side strength and balance, giving you the best support for wakeboarding. By creating a tower that is adjustable side to side, and not from front to back, we were able to reduce the deck stressing issues by 90%.

Our towers are also set apart from the rest because of our deck mounts. We offer a wide array of custom mounting plates, where you can choose for the best application for your boat. The traditional combination of a flat metal plate bolted to a curved fiberglass surface is ineffective in comparison.

Let us help you create the wakeboarding experience of your dreams with a universal tower custom installation. To learn more about universal towers in Florida and to place an order, contact New Dimension Towers today at (865)995-1000 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.