PREMIUM wakeboard towers CUSTOM made in USA


Adjustable Wakeboard Towers

New Dimensions Towers is all about setting the highest standards in engineering, innovation, and manufacturing. With years of refinement and commitment to excellence, our inventory of wakeboard towers is second to none. Each adjustable wakeboard tower is meticulously crafted using the world’s finest materials.

What makes our wakeboard towers great?

* Made in the US


* Tested for All Performance Metrics

* Customizable

* Seamless Integrative Features

We manufacture each wakeboard tower using approved quality control processes to enhance functionality, performance, and overall quality. Our team is focused on offering all-in-one solutions built on the shoulders of refined craftsmanship.

The rigorous demands of contemporary riders are upheld using stringent testing mechanisms. Our experts pour through every detail to guarantee exceptional results better than anyone else in the USA. All considerations are made during the deliberation phase including aesthetics, performance, and general viability in the open water.

Our wakeboard towers are innovative and easy to use because of the intricate details. We emphasize precision and performance every step of the way, so riders feel the thrill of being outdoors. Whether it’s power, size, or a combination of both, we wish to pursue the zenith of wakeboard towers. At New Dimension Towers, our goal is to offer world-class wakeboard towers ideal for today’s riders while promoting full customization.

The days of going with a streamlined wakeboard tower should be well in the past. We wish to help riders get in tune with their needs and maximize their experience on a day-to-day basis. These wakeboard towers are built to last and are going to adjust based on a boat’s requirements. This is a guarantee.

For more information on an adjustable wakeboard tower, call in and speak with one of our lovely representatives at 865-995-0000. All questions and/or concerns will be answered on the spot for up-to-date information relating to our products. We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless customer service experience, and it begins here with a simple call!